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Signing the best talent in the world and nurturing, protecting, and inspiring them to reach their potential has been the corporate vision of Stephen Finfer.

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Stephen Finfer has uniquely positioned his Arthouse Entertainment company to offer consulting, A&R and production services to record companies.

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Stephen Finfer keeps his list of artists, songwriters and producers small to allow him to obtain cuts and licensing opportunities for them.

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A company that needs a jingle to advertise itself or a product can commission top songwriters and artists to create it, according to Stephen Finfer.

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One of the keys to the success of Arthouse Entertainment comes from Stephen Finfer combining artists, writers and producers under one roof.

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Creating a hit music single is a collaborative effort combining the unique talents of a songwriter with those of an artist. But much more goes into the production of that hit record than most people notice. Stephen Finfer has been creating hit records for many years, but not as an artist or as a songwriter. Finfer’s talents are in assembling the creative minds and the production talent that makes the music possible.

Since transitioning from the courtroom as a litigation attorney to the corporate boardroom as the co-CEO of his own music-publishing company, Stephen Finfer has redirected his energies from building cases to building careers. At TVT Music Publishing, Mr. Finfer signed talented songwriters and producers such as Scott Storch, Ja Rule and L’il Jon. As a result, TVT’s songs were consistently in the top ten on BillBoard Magazine’s Hot 100 list.

Finfer’s success as general manager of TVT Music ultimately led to his decision to leave TVT to launch Arthouse Entertainment. The motivation behind the move was his association with songwriter Kara DioGuardi. Their association began when Finfer became DioGuardi’s manager in 2002. Soon thereafter, the team would unite as the driving force behind Arthouse Entertainment.

Arthouse Entertainment is unique in the music industry because it is almost unheard of for such a small operation to achieve the level of success that Arthouse Entertainment has accomplished year after year. From songs that topped the Billboard charts, to Grammy nominations and ASCAP and BMI awards, Finfer has guided Arthouse Entertainment to success in the music industry.

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